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'Explore Aegean's natural beauty'

Antiparos belongs to a group of islands in the Aegean Sea known as the Cyclades islands. It is located south west of Paros and has a coastline of 57km with golden sandy beaches, beautiful remote bays and lots of natural beauty to explore.

What makes this small island stand out is that although it has become very popular in recent years it still manages to maintain its natural colour and remains unspoiled by mass tourism and does not have large hotel chains, an airport and most importantly a port for large ferries.

The island's main village also called Antiparos, is known for its distinctive Cycladic beauty. In the village, one can expect to find a collection of the typical whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows, cobbled streets and beautiful flowers that thrive in the yards. A pedestrian street that starts at the small fishing marina and goes up to the lively square of the village, is the town's 'main' street and walking area. The village, although small, has lots to offer from traditional greek tavernas, to fine cuisine and even authentic Roman pizza. Although the island is family oriented and discreet, it also has a vibrant nightlife with great bars offering exquisite cocktails.

Yet the island still has more to offer in addition to sun, sea and sangria. The town's main attraction is the 'Kastro' the ruins of an old 15th century castle built by the Venetians when they occupied the island.  Attractions such as the stalactite cave on the hill of Agios Ioannis (St John), in the centre of the island are really worth visiting. The cave is known to be one of the most beautiful and mysterious caves in the world. Another place which is really worth seeing is the Archaic Sanctuary on the small, un-inhabited island  'Despotiko', which can be reached by taking a fishing boat from Agios Georgios located on the southern tip of Antiparos. For the more adventurous types exploring the island on bicycle is the perfect way to reconnect with nature.

Kayaking from the sandy beach of Agios Georgios, is a great way to explore the sea caves and fossil beds. There is always the possibility of encountering seals and turtles. A fully qualified PADI dive centre offers courses at all levels from beginners through to classes for more experienced divers. Exploring the islands reefs is truly a great experience.

And if all that wasn't enough there is also the option of taking one of the boat tours on a traditional 'kaiki' around the island where you can expect to visit the most remote bays that are not accessed by car or foot, these tours often provide a BBQ lunch on the beach and plenty of tsipouro and ouzo shots along the way.  If large groups are not your thing then you can opt to rent your own small fishing boat and tour the island at your own pace.

Antiparos is easily reached from Athens either by ferry boat (3 hours by the high speed and 4 hours by the ferry boat) or by a 45 minute plane ride.  Both port and airport are located on the neighbouring island of Paros. The port of Paros is a 15 minute drive to Punta and the airport is 10 minutes away. From Punta it is only a 10 minute ferry ride taking you directly to Antiparos.


View of Faneromeni

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Faneromeni - 15km from town

The bay of Faneromeni, named after a church at the south eastern tip of the island, is a beautiful and wild landscape formed by volcanic rocks.  A 15km bumpy ride will take you to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise water. It is definitely worth the ride.  Best to avoid this beach in peak season.

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Agios Georgis

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Agios Georgios - 12km from town

One of the most picturesque corners of Antiparos, the bay of Agios Giorgis has breathtaking views, sandy beaches, a volcanic landscape and the uninhabited Despotiko island at a very close distance. Pipinos fish taverna is a must for fish, tsipouro and great sunset views.

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View of Soros

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Soros - 9km from town

Situated on the south east side of Antiparos is Soros beach, one of the most popular beaches on the island. The vast sandy beach of Soros is empty most of the year but in peak season is one of the busiest beaches.  It is an ideal location for families. The best fava bean salad can be found at Peramataki, a family run taverna which overlooks the bay of Soros.

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View of Livadia beach

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Livadia - 6km from town

Just 6km from town is Livadia, this beautiful sandy beach is on the west coast of the island with strong winds and waves making it an ideal place to surf.  On a calm day however it is ideal.

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View of Kampos

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Kampos - 4km from town

Kampos is located approximately 4 kilometres from Antiparos town, and is a valley in the middle of the island.  It is fast becoming a bohemian hotspot. Although in most parts of the Kampos valley you do not have sea-views there is something distinctly beautiful about this place.  Its vast agricultural plains, with olive groves, vineyards and beautifully restored stone farmhouses will almost certainly charm you.

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View of Camping beach

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Camping - 2km from town

The camping beach in Antiparos is definitely worth a visit. As described by Observer Travel it is a place 'where hippy campers rub shoulders with A-List celebrities'.  The beach has soft golden sand and feels more like a lagoon. The water here is shallow making it ideal for children to play in.  It is also the islands official nudist beach.

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By ferry boat

3 hours fast boat, 4 hours ferry boat

By plane

(30 minutes plane ride)

Both port and airport are located on the neighbouring island of Paros. The port of Paros is a 15 minute drive to Punta and the airport is 10 minutes away. From Punta a ferry takes you across to Antiparos, this takes approximately 10 minutes to get over.

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